Beat — Wheels Rattling on Granite in Barcelona

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The sounds get progressively clearer. Wheels rattling along smooth granite are met with the intermittent screech of trucks grinding against a ledge. You can hear it getting louder and louder, but there's still nothing to connect the sound and the source.

Then a clearing appears, and you're greeted with a large, modern looking building. It's the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA). Long revered as one of skateboarding's most iconic spots, the ambiance makes it welcome to all. I'm fortunate to be there on a Sunday when it's allegedly open to skating. And it is packed. You're either skating or congregating with a group of friends, often with drinks in tow. By most accounts, even outside the windows of skating, it's rare to get harassed and removed by the cops. This level of indifference seems characteristically Spanish.

If you focus for long enough, it's the same skaters keeping at it, regardless of failure or triumph. The patterns of repeated tricks and their accompanying sounds make for the perfect place to let the time pass.

Photos by Eugene Kan


MACBA, the Museum for Art Contemporary Barcelona

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