Building the Brand — The New Process of Recording

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As the essential component to producing our stories, the process of recording has come a long way since we first started working on audio stories. Bringing scripts to life using only our voices has been both a challenging and rewarding experience for the entire editorial team. In this edition of Building The Brand, Cody, Elphick and Nate talk about how they went from not having any experience with podcast recording to where they are today.

Audio by Elphick Wo
Photos by Christopher Lim & Eugene Kan

<p>One of MAEKAN&#8217;s first recording sessions at Cody and Elph&#8217;s old apartment in Hong Kong.</p>

One of MAEKAN’s first recording sessions at Cody and Elph’s old apartment in Hong Kong.

I've done over 50 episodes now […] and putting more original sounds into it is big […]. Since I'm a music producer, I was like what's the best way to incorporate my own music […] instead of just putting sound effects and other people's music in.
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