Building the Brand — Why Audio?

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Script & Narration by Nate Kan
Photos by Eugene Kan
Audio by Elphick Wo
Illustration by Siu Yan Fung

You might be curious about why you’re listening to this story as opposed to just reading it off your screen.

In the early stages of MAEKAN, a lot of consideration went into building the experience. We thought about simply sticking with text and photos and maybe experimenting with video, but in the end, we found our reasons for why audio was the best approach.

The current way in which we live our lives is constantly changing. It’s never quite stagnant, with continual movement and direction, and more importantly, it’s dictated by outside forces we currently can’t control. The advancements in storytelling are evolving at a rapid pace, and media typically gets behind tech advances such as augmented and now virtual reality. But the medium that has arguably been around the longest and one that represented our best interests was right in front of us…

The spoken word.

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