James Jean for Prada, UNIQLO, and Jordan Brand — Friday Briefing

This week's Friday briefing looks at some of the recent events that have transpired in creative culture with a bit of context to help you understand their importance. We look at MAEKAN Member James Jean's recent work for Prada, UNIQLO's latest mega office in Tokyo, and Jordan Brand's first ever Chinese basketball athlete signing. As always, if you have any comments or insights, feel free to share them with our Slack community.

<p>Some of James Jean&#8217;s previous work for Prada, &#8220;Trembled Blossoms,&#8221; 2007.</p>

Some of James Jean’s previous work for Prada, “Trembled Blossoms,” 2007.

1. James Jean for Prada

In between his own print releases (including our own collaboration), James Jean has transcended art, fashion and product collaboration with his signature work. He returns as a collaborator with Prada after a previous project creating murals for the Italian fashion house’s Epicenter stores in both New York and Los Angeles, alongside his previous “Trembled Blossoms” project for the luxury brand. The inspirations behind the design were to create a world of fantasy, which translated into a surreal rabbit print and a Liberty pattern seen on pantsuits and parkas.


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