One Sneaker at a Time — Mark Gainor Slows Down Production

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When the information age nostalgically looked back toward traditional craftsmanship for inspiration, we ended up with hand-stitched leather cases for our tablets and artisan wooden styluses to go with it. But for something we use literally every day, why haven’t we been handcrafting sneakers? This is just what bespoke luxury sneaker label No.One does, a dozen and a half pairs at a time. Good things take time, and founder Mark Gainor doesn’t seem to mind.

Script and Narration by Nate Kan
Audio by Elphick Wo
Photos by Eugene Kan & Alex Maeland

<p>The lasts and patterns that make the Alpha.</p>

The lasts and patterns that make the Alpha.

We’d much rather be ‘future looking’ if not happy and proud to be alive right now, and not pretending it’s 1933.
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